Do you want to become a member of the Corvair Club Nederland? 

Membership costs 35 euros per year. Registration is 7 euros. 

Send a message to , Pieter  (Member administration) through the contact tab and he will help you further.

The Club

The Corvair Club Nederland is an informal club of friends with the aim of maintaining the Corvair on Dutch roads. The club has an average of 45 members, the majority  lives in the Netherlands. With the +/- 50 Corvairs that the Dutch club has to offer (from restored racing condition to project car) there is always activity in the club. Members can contact each other, ask questions or help to find a solution. It is up to you what you want to put into the club and get out of it.

As a club member you receive our club magazine 4 times a year. This is full of stories from members, technical pieces, restoration projects, events and other fun facts about or related to the Corvair. Every new member receives a welcome package. This package consists of the last club magazine, a club sticker and the handy booklet "Corvair Junkyard", which contains all the codes and essential numbers of the Corvair. This way you know exactly what Corvair you have, from the type of engine to the carburators.

As a members you also receive the login code for the member section on the website where you can see parts, suppliers, technical documents and the club archive. Especially the technical documents will help many on their way. These are tracked and expanded as soon as new items are present.

Once a year  there is a members meeting (this is held in the Papendal Sporthotel) where we look back on the past season and make plans for the new season. What could be better, what is good, and especially how can we make it into a beautiful new season? The various events are also discussed there. We try to organize 2 tours per year. Where we try to spread the tours so that all parts of the country are covered. The tours are often in  weekends and everyone is free to see which day or days you want to join. Technical days will also be organized, explanations if people have a problem with something, or just information about technical parts of the Corvair. Other events such as Concours d’élégance at Paleis het Loo are individually arranged, here we are not attending as a club, but various members go there on their one or meet up with a couple of other members.

In short, the Corvair club is a group of friends where the Corvair the center is. Our key points are socializing, discovering (parts of) the Netherlands and helping each other to keep the Corvairs in the Netherlands on the road.

We hope to have given you an idea of what the club is about. Take a look at the website.

Please contact us if there are any questions!

Are you curious about our club magazine? 

Our members do receive the Corvair  magazine 4 times a year.

Download a version here to get an impression.Our club magazine has won several prizes at the International Convention Convention

The Corvair Club Nederland is part (chapter ID: NED) of the Corsa (Corvair Society of America). A global club to preserve the Corvair.

 There are also various Corvair clubs in Europe.

The Corvair Club Nederland is also on Facebook and Instragram. On facebook we have a private page, but accessible to everyone, even if you are not yet a club member. 

Of course we greatly appreciate that if you use it regularly, you will also become a club member.