A Vairy good day to you!

The sentence above is a small wordplay regarding the name of our cars, the Corvair.

 The Corvair is a Chevrolet model and first appeared on the market on October 2, 1959.

It is a special car. How many other cars are there with a rear engine? And how much with air cooling? And how much with a six-cylinder boxer engine? And finally how many American cars are there who have this all combined?

Precisely these characteristics makes the Corvair different from others and we, the owners, like that.

Welcome to the Corvair Club Netherlands.

The Corvair Club Netherlands was established in 1997 and has approximately 40 members and around 50 cars. The club is very informal and aims to pay attention to the Corvair and bring the owners together to meet and help each other.

Corvair Club Nederland sponsors